Essay Competition at Nature Chemistry!

Last week, The Sceptical Chymist posted about an essay competition being conducted by Nature Chemistry in celebration of the International Year of Chemistry. The essay is to be written in the style of the “In Your Element” feature, which profiles a single chemical element, appearing at the end of each issue. Entries will be accepted through August 1, 2011. Details and instructions for entering the contest can be found here.

Due to contest rules, the world will just have to wait for my seminal essay on Yttrium -- all in iambic pentameter. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia user Alchemist-hp

Sadly, I cannot enter the competition, as I don’t quite fit the demographic. The instructions stipulate that it shall not be more than five years since the final training appointment (e.g., Ph.D. or postdoctoral position) of any competing author. Also, the essay must cover one of seven elements: helium, nitrogen, sodium, copper, bromine, indium or plutonium. If you have a burning desire to write about any of these elements, now’s your chance!

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